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09/20/2019Clean and Jerk (5 x 2+1; starting at 80%, building)Back Squat (4 x 4; all heavy)Front Squat (3@70% 3@80% AMRAP@90%)Wendler 5/3/1 - Week 2, Day [...]

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09/19/2019The big thing today is to try to hit a Bar Muscle Up. Or lots of them. Some folks won't need the skill time and [...]

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09/18/2019Hang Snatch (10 min x skill work; squat)Warm up should be centered around overhead squat mobility and explosive hips. This portion should focus on getting [...]

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09/17/2019Based on the workout from Monday, warm-up and mobility will be the top priority for the first part of class. The workout may have to [...]

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09/16/2019Today, you'll be rushed a bit into doing the skill work without a ton of warm-up, so the skill will have to double as movement [...]

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09/13/2019Pull-ups (8-10 min skill work)The purpose of this skill work is to get ready for Fran. Short, quick sets of butterfly or kipping pullups to [...]

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09/12/2019Toes-To-Bar (skill work x 8-10 min)The goal of this skill portion is to establish the difference between the fast and paced toes to bar. Fast [...]

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09/11/2019Clean and Jerk (3 x 3+1; 3 clean + 1 jerk)Aim for 80% of your 1RM Squat Clean as your starting weight. Jerk only the [...]

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09/10/2019Power Snatch (5 x 5-9 reps; TnG)The goal of this portion is establish good movement patterns on TnG snatch. It may not be what you [...]

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09/09/2019Make time at the end of the workout for deadlift programming. Pick a major program and try to follow it for the next 8 weeks. [...]

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