Bring in the Noise; Bring in the Funk

The Noise
Back Squat  5 x 5 building to 93%
Key notes on the methods from the Wednesday discussion
1  Pyramid up (78%, 88%, 93%)
2  Pyramid down to match fatigue (93-88%, 93-83%)
3  No rest pause at the top of the movement, keep it under tension!
4  Get a hands-on spotter to keep you balanced upright and constantly moving

Either take a light jog or a light row or a spin on an Airdyne for 5-8 min, easy pace
Stretch quads, glutes and back for 5 min
Re-mobilize w/ air squats, walking lunges, high knees and box jumps

The Funk
10 Rounds for Time
8 DB Push Press  medium wts.
8 Ring Rows
8 Air Squats
8 Tuck Jumps (you can sub AbMat Sit Ups)