The Nightmare Before Christmas


1) Holiday hours: There will be no classes on Christmas Eve or Christmas (Wednesday or Thursday), but as always, we do not keep the doors locked and you are welcome to come in and get a workout done. Be careful and don’t kill yourself! Regular classes will resume on Friday
2) 8-week physique reminder – sign up now to lock in your spot!
3) Holiday Workout Challenge:
Complete 4 workouts from now until December 28 to win a prize! I’m going to post all four workouts on Thursday, which gives you 10 days to do 4 workouts. The good news is that you can do all of them at home! Look for the workouts on Facebook and post your score/time there too! Everybody who completes all 4 workouts by Dec 28 will also get a certificate of “Not A Christmas Fatty!”

Main Class:
The Nightmare Before Christmas
• Remember when I asked everybody if there was a benchmark WOD they wanted to do, and if there was to message me on Facebook to get that opinion on the books? Yeah, well nobody did it. So, in the spirit of… I’m going to go ahead and put this benchmark workout on the schedule in kind of a funny format.
• At the beginning of class, after the warm-up, everyone will be divided into 3 teams. Each team will be given on order (1-3) used to select one of the cards on each line of the Nightmare board. The card they choose has a workout underneath it, which will remain a mystery until all three teams have chosen.
• After completing the workout, teams will choose again from the next line on the board.
• There are 4 lines on the board, and you must go sequentially from the top down.
• Do NOT try to figure out or look at what the workouts are in advance. Seriously.
• Good Luck!!

Warm Up:
3 Rounds, increasing in intensity each round
250m Row
15 Wall Ball

After selecting your first workout, warm up those specific movements.

Amanda’s Beginners:
I do NOT want you guys jumping into some of those workouts without a little more training under your belt,
so we’re going to have you do the stuff that got missed on Monday!

Power Clean – 3×3, relatively light power clean
Split Jerk – 5×2, focus on footwork and punching under the bar
Power Clean and Jerk – 3×1, building
Hang (full) Clean and Jerk – 3×1 building
Clean (full) and Jerk – 3×1 heavy

6 Rounds for time
(if these weights are really easy for you across all movements, you can increase them, but this part shouldn’t be super heavy at all)
3 Front Squat (from rack) – 95/65
6 Push Press – 95/65
9 Deadlift – 95/65
60 AbMat Sit Ups/50 Wall Ball/40 KB Swings/30 Ring Rows/20 Push Ups/10 Burpees
(each round, you move down the line for the finishing exercise; Rd 1 = Sit ups, Rd 2 = wall ball, etc)