1) Wednesday, we will be having regular classes in the morning. However, in the evening, we will be entertaining you with CrossFit Candy Land. It starts at 3:30pm, but you can show up any time to do it. I can’t promise I won’t be fall-down drunk if you show up after 4:00…
2) Thursday, we will not be having morning classes. I mean, we’ll need time to clean up from the night before. I personally will need to be shoveled off the floor. However, we will have classes at 1200, 430 and 530pm. See? Nothing with an A.M. in it. On the off chance that a New Year’s Resolver wanders in at 600 or 630pm, I will individually train them. It will be awesome.

Main Class:
A. Warm-Up
KB Swings
3 Rounds
10 Push Press
10 Bentover Row
10 Hollow Rocks
Shoulder Mobility x 5-8 min

B. Gymnastics Strength Development
Strict Hollow Body Pull Ups
3 x 3 as heavy or difficult as possible
3 x 8-12 as difficult as possible

C. Gymnastics Skill Development: Toes to Bar

Skill Progression – coach’s choice of style x 6-8 min
Repeat Explosives
10 sec AMRAP EMOM x 6

5 Rounds for Total reps
2 min AMRAP
15 Wall Ball
12 Ring Rows
9 Toes to Bar
1 min Rest

E. Post-WOD
5 x Max Effort L-Hang

Amanda’s Beginners

Olympic Skills: Snatch
A. Dumbbell Snatch from Hang – 4 x 5 per arm
B. Snatch Liftoff practice – sets of 3-5, add weight if possible
C. Snatch Liftoff +Snatch Pull + Hang Power Snatch – 5 x 1+1+1
D. Overhead Squat – 3 x 3, AHAP (build from last time)

Gymnastics Skills:
A. Developing Pull Ups
3 x 3 Pull Ups, as difficult as possible
3 x 6-10 Pull Ups, as difficult as possible
B. Developing Ring Dips
3 x 3-6 Ring Push Ups, as difficult as possible
C. Assistance Work
5 Rounds, untimed
6-10 Ring Rows
6-10 Bench Dips
10-12 Barbell Bicep Curls
10-12 Banded Tricep Extentions

“Team Karen”
2 team member, one working at a time
150 Wall Ball