1) I promise, we’ll be finished with construction soon. Until then, please don’t mind the crowd of lost Team Training folks. 
2) 8-Week Physique is now underway with 31 participants! Make sure to tell these folks how much you support their efforts and encourage them to stick with it!
3) We have a board for signing up for Kiddie Care now. Please help out our single moms and volunteer 1 hour a month to watch the little ‘uns! I promise, they’re all super nice and easy to tend!
4) Yoga! Thursday night 6:30pm!!, Friday morning at 530am!! and Saturday during the day! Enjoy!

Main Class
A. Warm-Up
Ring Rows
Push Ups
Air Squats

For Parts B-E set up your weights in advance and try to complete a set (and its accompanying movement every 2 minutes) Yes, it will get very taxing. That’s the idea.
B. Strength: Ring Dips
Ring Dips – 3 x 5 AHAP
Between sets, do Max Effort Chin Ups or Flexed Arm Hangs
C. Floor Press/Bench Press/Ring Push Ups – 5 x 8-10
Between sets, do Bentover Row – 8-12 Reps
D. Bench Dips – 5 x 8-15
Between sets do Bicep Curls – 8-12 Reps
20 min AMRAP
200’ Burpee Bounds
200’ Overhead Walking Lunge – 45/35
20 Alternating DB Snatch
50 Double Unders
50 Hollow Rocks/AbMat Sit Ups

Power Clean – 3×3, relatively light power clean
Split Jerk – 5×2, focus on footwork and punching under the bar
Power Clean and Jerk – 3×1, building
Hang (full) Clean and Jerk – 3×1 building
Clean (full) and Jerk – 3×1 heavy
6 Rounds for time
(if these weights are really easy for you across all movements, you can increase them, but this part shouldn’t be super heavy at all)
3 Front Squat (from rack) – 95/65
6 Push Press – 95/65
9 Deadlift – 95/65
60 AbMat Sit Ups/50 Wall Ball/40 KB Swings/30 Ring Rows/20 Push Ups/10 Burpees
(each round, you move down the line for the finishing exercise; Rd 1 = Sit ups, Rd 2 = wall ball, etc.)