Jerk Work

1) Yoga: Thursday @ 630pm
                 Friday @530am
                 Saturday @ 10am
2) Sign Up for Tuff Stuff, a CrossFit Competition hosted right here in our own back yard!
     Teams go on Saturday (2 guys, 1 girl), Individuals go on Sunday
     Rx’d, Scaled and Master’s Division
     Feb. 7th and 8th!kansas-feb-7-8-2015/cndp
3) $1 bet: I bet you a dollar you can’t get 20 rope climbs done in under 4 minutes.
     Ready to prove me wrong?
4) Interested in taking your training to the next level?
     Take an extra 10 minutes on Tuesday and Friday to work on Muscle ups after or before class.
     Challenge issued.

Main Class
A. Warm-Up
     Stretch and Mobilize! – Mobilize the shoulders before class
                                                 stretch the hamstrings, glutes and quads from yesterday x 8 min in class
     Prep the Movements – Grab a barbell!
        5 Rounds
        5 Upright Row
        5 Behind the Neck Push Press
        5 Bentover Row
        5 Box Jumps
        30 Jump Rope Singles
     Skill Prep
        Jerk Footwork x 3 min without bar
        BtN Split Jerk – 3 x 3, light weight
        Eye Level Split Jerk – 3 x 3, light weight

B. Strength
      Jerk – 2@80%
       Strict Press – 3 x 3 AHAP
       DB Strict Press - 2 x 6 
       Single-Arm DB Strict Press – 2 x 10

     3 Rounds for Time
     50 Air Squats
     40 Ring Rows
     30 AbMat Sit Ups
     20 Ring Dips/Ring Push Ups

D. Post-WOD
      Practice Toes to Bar
      Practice Muscle Ups

Beginners Class’s class will follow the main class material, but not at percentages.