Recovery and Core

  – The challenge has been laid down and the pressure is on the 530am class!
    Get your starting weight on the small board next to the office and see if your
    weight loss efforts in the next to months can match the 8 Week Physique folks.
    If you aren’t up to the challenge, I will mock you mercilessly for holding onto 
    your Christmas weight. If you try and fail to meet up to your expectations, you
   have to sign up for the next 8 Week Physique Program!!!
 – Yoga at 530am Friday, 10am Saturday
 – Still haven’t seen anybody beat the 20 rope climbs in under 4 minutes mark.
   I’m keeping my dollar. 

Main Class:
A. Warm-Up – Recovery and Core I
     500m Row
     30 KB Swings
     3 x Barbell Complex I, PVC -> Tech Bar -> Empty Barbell

B. Mobility – Recovery and Core II
     12 min of concentrated glute, hamstring and quad stretching and mobilization
     6 min of shoulder mobility

C. Barbell Complex I – you have AT MOST 18 minutes to get this done.
     4 Rounds
     6 Upright Row
     6 BtN Thruster
     6 Muscle Snatch
     6 Overhead Squat
     6 Bentover Row 
           – Go unbroken on the whole complex, if possible!
           – Still kinda okay if you go unbroken on each exercise…
           – Rest after each round
           – Add weight to each successfully completed round

D. Partner Work – Recovery and Core III
      3 x 2 min Max Reps Med Ball AbMat Sit Up Exchanges
      Tag Team Plank – 7 min accumulation, 1 partner going at a time
                                       – someone always in a plank
      KB Swing – Accumulate 100 American KB Swing for between partners
                          – One partner goes at a time
                          – 70/55# if you’re nasty!

Beginners Class
– The beginners class needs to follow along with the Main Class on Friday. 
  Your primary tasks are to learn the Barbell Complex with some weight on it
  and develop some mobility skills. The stuff at the end is mostly fun core-related
  exercises that’ll help you get stronger and give you a chance to meet someone
  new – maybe even someone in the regular class!