Janelle Shafer Clean Program

 – ZUMBA!! Saturday at 11:00am!! It’s going to be awesome, and Brian’s going to dance in it.
  Notice how those are two separate statements? Meet in the main gym!
 – The challenge has been issued to the 530am class, and so far only 5 members have stepped up 
  to the plate. Have you got what it takes to zero in your diet and exercise practices 530? Can it ever
  be too soon to start seeing those abs? Take the challenge, put it on the board!

Main Class:
A. Warm Up
     500m Row
     400m Run
     4 Rounds:
     8 American KB Swings
     6 Hang Power Clean
     4 Strict Pull Ups
     2 Tall Box Jumps

B. Strength/Skill – Janelle Shafer Clean Program
     Hang Clean Complex: 3 Rounds, adding weight, still stays pretty light
     2 Hang Shrug
     2 Hang Power Clean
     2 Front Squat
     2 Hang Clean (full)

     2-Position Hang Clean – Hang + Below the Knee
     3 x 1+1, building

     Hang Clean 
     2-3 x 2-3, between 70-85%, building from last week

C. Front Squat – Janelle Shafer Clean Program
     5-2-2-2, 10-20# heavier than last week for all sets of 2. 
     If you missed last week, I had people start at around 85-90% of 1RM full Clean
     So, if your first round is this week, start there.

     Oh, snap! No he didn’t!
     3 Rounds for Time
     400m Run
     21 Am. KB Swing (55/35)
     12 Pull Ups