Gymnastics and Conditioning
Tuesday 1/20/15

   1) Zumba on Saturday!! 11am, be there or be square dancing…
   2) Yoga on Thursday Evening at 630pm! Yoga at 530am on Friday morning! Yoga at 10am on Saturday morning!

Main Class:
A. Warm-Up – stay pretty close to the time intervals on this
     Shoulder mobility
     3 Rounds
     6 Strict Press
     6 Upright Row
     6 Candlesticks (like a hollow rock into an air squat)
     5 min kipping HSPU skill practice

     25 min AMRAP
     Run 400m (yes, you can row 400m if you need to)
     3 Rounds
     5 Handstand Push Ups/10 Hand Release Push Ups
     20 Double Unders/40 Single Unders
     10 Toes to Bar/15 AbMat Sit Ups
     30 Russian KB Swings – 55/35
C. Post-WOD
     3 min Max Reps Wall Ball
     3 min rest
     3 min Max Reps Burpees
     3 min rest
     3 min Max Reps AbMat Sit Ups

Beginners Class
A. Gymnastic Strength
     Strict Pull Up – 3 x 3 AHAP
     Ring Rows – 3 x 8-12, as difficult as possible
     3 x Max effort Strict Pull Up negative, full rest

B. Olympic Skill:
     Power Clean – 3 x 3

     Go light again
     Push Press – 3 x 3
     Push Jerk – 3 x 2
     Build weight to something heavy
     Power Clean + Push Jerk – 6 x 1+1

C. Conditioning
     20 min AMRAP
     Row 250m
     rest 1 min (walk to the top of the driveway)
     Run 200m
     rest 1 min (walk back inside)
     12-15 Burpees
     rest 1 min (resetting on the rower)