Janelle Shafer Clean Program

  1) Yoga at 630pm on Thursday, 530am on Friday, 10am on Saturday
  2) Zumba at 11am on Saturday
  3) Blame 530am class for the WOD today…

Main Class
A. Warm-Up
      Dynamic Mobility x 8 min, focused on hips, knees and ankles

B. Back Squat – Janelle Shafer Clean Program
     5 @75%
     3 @85%
     1 @95%
     AMRAP @95% (leave 1 in the tank)

C. Accessory work for Squats
    Back Squat (yes, more back Squat)
    5 x 8-12 at 50-60%

D. Jerk Practice
    For Skill – 5 x 2 at medium weights, focusing on speed under bar and bending the back knee
    Build up to your 70% Jerk (or a medium-heavy single)

E. Partner WOD:
    You need a partner that has nearly the same lift totals as you
    In the case of discrepancy, use the lighter of the two loads
    9 min AMRAP
    +1 Rep Ladder Jerk from rack @ 65%
    +1 Rep Ladder Deadlift @ 315/205

    * while partner 1 is working on Jerk, partner 2 is working on Deadlift
    *Once both lifts at that rep have been completed, partners switch exercises
    * If one partner gets stuck behind either exercise after the other has finished, they take
      a burpee penalty assessed at the end of the workout equal to 10 x the number of reps behind
      they were and everybody moves on. 

while some folks are doing their burpee penalty…
…remaining time in class should be devoted to working on 
– Bench Press – sets of 6-10
– Ring Dips – sets of 5-8
– Bench Dips – sets of 12-15

Beginners Class
530 am will be working on the gymnastics and interval training from Tuesday

Elements of the Elegant Push Up:
1. Core engagement
2. Externally rotated shoulders
3. Elbows In!
4. Push like you’re turning your hands to the outside
5. Don’t break through the core!
6. Fully Extend the elbows

Practice a few sets of Push Ups, any scaling… then…

Ring Push Ups!
5 x 8-12 Ring Push Ups, as difficult as possible

Ring Dips
Self-Assisted Ring Dips – 5 x 5, as difficult as possible

Olympic Skill: Snatch
Dumbbell Hang Snatch – 5 x 6 per arm
Hang Shrug + Hang High Pull + Hang Muscle Snatch – 5 x 1+1+1
Behind the Neck Jerk (to practice the catch) – 3 x 3
Hang Power Snatch – 5 x 2

10 min EDT
-start with a weight that is challenging for 10 reps, same for ring row difficulty
-rep ranges are variable as the workout moves along but should allow for almost 
  continuous movement without burning out
Push Press
Ring Row