The Joy of Being 5:30

1) Zumba at 11:00 am on Saturday!!
2) 530am Weight Loss Challenge is in full effect! Keep track of your eating!
3) We will be needing judges and volunteers for the Competition we are hosting in February. 
     If you are not participating as an athlete, but you would like to be involved in the event,
     this is a perfect fit for you. The only requirement is that I need you to come to a judge’s 
     training session so that you can more confidently scream “No Rep!” at somebody!

Main Class
A. Warm-Up: please do this as far in advance of the start of class as possible
     Mobility – shoulders, hips and ankles
     Cardio – bring your heart rate up to 150-170 beats per minute for about 8 min
                     Row 150
                     6 Burpees
                     10 Kettlebell Swings
                     15 Double Unders
                     20 High Knees

B. The Joy of CrossFit
     EMOM x 10
     30 sec AMRAP Dumbbell Thrusters
     5 Football Burpees w/ the Dumbbells in your hands!

C. Go Eat Pancakes

D. Oh, you didn’t want to go eat pancakes?
     15 min AMRAP
     10 Squat Clean Wall Ball (cannot let the med ball drop to the floor; catch it,
           touch it the ground and squat clean it, then toss it to the 9/10′ mark)
     10 Burpee Box Jumps Over
     10 Toes to Bar
     20 Overhead Walking Lunges (45/35# plate)

E. Post-WOD
     ABS! Coach’s choice x 10 min

Beginner’s Class:
A. Okay, so you guys tend to get to class right at 530 or 5 minutes behind, so I’d like for you to 
     come in prepared to jump right into the dumbbell thrusters. We’ll show you the movement, 
     but you’re going to have to spend your time fighting for those 12# dumbbells!

B. The Joy of CrossFit
     EMOM x 10
     30 sec AMRAP Dumbbell Thrusters
     5 Football Burpees

C. Seriously, you didn’t want pancakes?!
   15 min AMRAP
   10 Med Ball Cleans
   10 Box Jumps Over
   10 AbMat Sit Ups
   20 Walking Lunges

D. Core
      5 x Max Effort Plank, 1 min rest

Now, go eat some pancakes, you silly sots!