Saturday’s Stuff

1) I’m sending up a prayer that we have enough judges for Saturday. That is all.
2) No class Saturday due to the competition. However, if you show up on Saturday, I’ll put you right to work.

Main Class:
A. Easy Opener – in teams of 3, each partner completes one full round (scaled movement listed to the right)
50m Run (from rope to back wall of small gym and back)/50m KB Farmer Carry
2 Rope Climb/10 KB Swings
6 Burpee Tuck Jumps/12 Air Squats
12 Ring Dips/14 Hand Release Push Ups
18 Toes to Bar/16 Knees to Elbows
24 Pistol Squats/18 Burpees
50m Run/50m KB Farmer Carry

B. Soul Crusher
12 min AMRAP
In teams of 3, complete the following work as a continuous AMRAP. 
If you lose the bar, put it down or transfer it to someone else, you
must complete 10 burpees over bar before they can start back up.
Next person picks up where previous person left off. 
You can static hold it as long as you like in any position, as long as you don’t
let go of the bar (like a bear complex).
Go in a set order.
5 Hang Power Snatch
10 Overhead Squat
15 Thrusters
 Weight is 115/75 Rx’d, 95/65 scaled

Score is reps of the AMRAP (don’t count burpees toward total)

C. Pick One for each teammate to complete
1) 3 min AMRAP
     40 Toes to Bar/40 AbMat Sit Ups
     AMRAP Deadlift – 315/205 rx’d, 225/155 Scaled
2) 3 min AMRAP
     12 Muscle Ups/20 Push Ups+20 Ring Rows
     AMRAP Clean (any) 225/155 rx’d, 155/95
3) 3 min AMRAP
     30 C2B Pull Ups/ 30 Pull Ups
     AMRAP Jerk (any) 205/135 rx’d, 135/75 scaled

D. Finale!!
9 min +1 Rep Ladder
Each teammate does a round, but the reps increase each round…
P1 – 1 rep of each
P2 – 2 reps of each
P3 – 3 reps of each
P1 – 4 reps of each
P2 – 5 reps of each
P3 – 6 reps of each
P1 – 7 reps of each….
Toes through Rings
AM KB Swings – 55/35
Burpee Box Jumps

1. Mobility – 15 min, thorough development
Start with a light row for 4-6 min
Floss Groin
Foam roll glutes and quads
Stretch Hamstrings and Glutes
Stretch Calves

2. Back Squat Development: 5 x 3 building working on form and skill

3. Back Squat – 3 x 10 building each set

4. Double Under Skill practice x 8 min

5. WOD:
EMOM x 20
Min 1: Max Reps Bentover Row
Min 2: 10-15 Heavy KB Swing
Min 3: 10-15 AbMat Sit Ups
Min 4: AMRAP Double Unders