“Winning takes talent. To repeat takes character.” – John Wooden

For the past year, no gym or box in the Kansas City area has produced the level of results that we have achieved at CrossFit On Track. That’s not an accident. I will agree with anybody who says that we have been blessed by the presence of freak athletes, that we attract people who are already competitive and that we push the competitive edge or side of CrossFit across the board. But don’t let that take anything away from what we do that allows us to stay successful.

One, we teach mental toughness and how to dig deep into yourself to find a way out of the comfortable and into your own personal greatness. This is everybody, by the way – from the beginners class to the elite athletes. If you aren’t pushing yourself to get better every day, you haven’t been paying attention. The 345# snatch is as important as the 75# snatch if it’s your personal best. 

Two, we teach the importance of doing the common things uncommonly well. From air squats to snatches, there’s a foundation of technical and mechanical precision that we demand from everyone. There are no shortcuts that don’t eventually limit your progress or get counted as no reps. It’s a standard that allows us to take pride in our athletes at every level. 

Three, we train as a team. No one will work harder for you that the people who care about you, and you’ll work your hardest when you know that people are counting on you. We are involved in each other’s lives outside of CrossFit and constantly endeavor to improve the lives of those around us. The bonds we form in training bring us as close together as family, and we are immensely dedicated to seeing our family succeed. 

As we move into our third season of competitive CrossFit, we still have all the talent we had before – maybe more. We addressed weaknesses, complemented our strengths and added competitive firepower and experience to a box that already performed very well. But what gives us confidence in the upcoming months is that we’ve trained with character that enables us to exceed our talent and truly be our best.


A. Warm-Up:
4 Rounds, easy pace
20 KB Swings
15 Air Squats
10 Push Ups

B. Strength
Hang Clean – 5 x 2-3 at 65-85% 1RM
Front Squat – 5-1-1-1-1, as heavy as possible

6 min AMRAP
21 Deadlift – 135/85
15 Am. KB Swing 55/35
9 Wall Ball
– rest 2 min and change weights –
6 min AMRAP
21 Wall Ball
15 Deadlift – 185/115
9 Am KB Swings 55/35
 – rest 2 min and change weights –
6 min AMRAP
21 AM KB Swings – 55/35
15 Wall Ball
9 Deadlift – 225/155