Level II

10 min x
Iron Scap
Dynamic Mobility

Part 1:
30 sec AMRAP of A/30 second AMRAP of B x 6 min
A: Hollow Rock
B: Superman

Part 2:
Freestanding Handstand Practice x 8 min
– practice the tripod headstand
– practice piking to headstand
– try kipping up to a full handstand

Part 3:
Push Press – build to a medium weight in about 5-8 minutes
6-10 reps EMOM x 5

Part 4: No Load Strict Press
With your bar resting on the rack, strict press the bar.
Return the bar to the rack for every rep
3 x 8-12 reps

14 min Partner relay (not for a score, so you can start at different spots)
Farmer Carry for Max Distance, unbroken – 70/55
Overhead Dumbbell Carry for Max Distance, unbroken – (best guess)
Front Rack KB Carry for Max Distance – 55/35
… while partner is completing the carry, work on holding an Ring hold (at the top of a ring dip) and Handstand hold as long as possible

Level I
6 min x
Iron Scap

8 min w/ PVC pipe
6 Shoulder Pass Throughs
6 Behind the Neck Push Press
6 Romanian Deadlift
6 Hang Power Snatch
6 Overhead Squats

Gymnastics Strength
Pull Ups: Build to your BEST possible 3-rep strict pull up
– between sets, do a deep set of hollow rocks (just shy of failure)

WOD: *you can break your group into two for the 12 min segments and start them at either spot
12 min AMRAP
Row 250m
20 Alternating DB Snatch
10 Burpees
12 min
6 Box Jump
12 Air Squats
24 Lunges (preferably jumping split lunges!)
36 Jump Rope Singles
6 min
40 sec Plank (if you fall out early, you owe a 5 burpee penalty at the end!!)
20 sec rest

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