Going Overhead – Phase II

Level II
10 min x
Iron Scap
Dynamic Mobility
Part 1:
30 sec AMRAP of A/30 second AMRAP of B x 6 min
A: Hollow Rock
B: Superman
Part 2:
Freestanding Handstand Practice x 8 min
– practice the tripod headstand
– practice piking to headstand
– try kipping up to a full handstand
Part 3:
Push Press – build to a heavier weight than you used last week
6-8 reps Every 90 seconds x 5-8 Rounds
Part 4: No Load Strict Press
With your bar resting on the rack, strict press the bar.
Return the bar to the rack for every rep
4 x 6-10 reps, build heavier than last week
12 min AMRAP
12 Box Jumps
9 C2B Pull Ups (scalable)
6 Clean and Overhead – 155/95

Level I

15 min x
5-10 Push Press
5-10 Upright Row
Run 200m
5-10 Push Ups
5-10 Ring Rows
Run 200m
– add weight to barbell movements each round, if possible

Level I
3 min AMRAP
Wall Walk
– if supporting your entire body weight is too much, do a walk-up on your hands as far as
you can piked on a box. OR you can do inch worms for 3 min.
3 x max effort handstand holds!

Thruster – 65/45
KB Swing – 55/35
Post WOD:
Abs – Coach’s choice!!

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