CrossFit On Track – CrossFit

Today, we’re going to start doing the optional stuff a little bit differently. You’ll have time to warm up, of course, but if you want to come in and warm up early, you can also do the optional additional work. ALSO, for folks who get through the WOD quickly or still have some energy, there will be BONUS stuff you can do!


Warm-up (No Measure)

Row 2 min

Run 2 min

Jumping Jacks/Jump Rope 2 min


3 Rounds

1 min Dead Bug

1 min Spiderman C rawl


3 Rounds

5-10 reps each


Hang Power Clean

Front Squat


Squat Clean (3 x 3 at 80%)


Front Squat (3 x 3, heavy)

Deadlift (5 reps Every 2 min x 6 @ 75-80%)

Between Sets, work on Ring Dips


Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds for Time

15 Pull Ups

30 Wall Ball


Metcon (No Measure)

5 Rounds for Quality

15 GHD Sit Ups

10 L / 10 R Hang Dumbbell Snatch




Accumulate 2 min in L-Hang