CrossFit On Track – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

8 min x

5-10 reps each

Ring Rows

Thrusters (empty barbell)

AbMat Sit Ups

Overhead Squat (empty barbell)


3 Rounds

1 min Dead Bugs

1 min Spiderman Crawls


Metcon (Time)

Before the workout, make sure to warm up the specific movements

For Time:

3-person Team

– 30/30/30 Cal Row while other two do a partner deadlift hold at 315/225#

– 60 Overhead Squats (share the load) at 135/85# while other two hang from the pull up bar

– 100 Synchro Toes to Bar; two partners at a time while third rests

Metcon (Time)

For Time:

3-person, share the load

100 HSPU (you can scale by depth or to HR Push Ups)

100 Wall Ball

100 Pull Ups

100 Power Clean – 135/85

Metcon (Weight)

Team Total:

10 minutes for all three teammates to build to their heaviest Ground to Overhead; work with only one bar, cannot decrease weights once they’re on the bar.