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Power Clean Development!

a. Brief skill work

b. Establish a solid weight with little to no movement error in 8 minutes

c. EMOM x 10 3-5 reps power clean singles

Power Clean (10 x 3-5 singles EMOM)


Strict Pull Ups (4×6 at Highest Quality Movement)

Pull Ups with no kipping movement
Increase difficulty for 6-rep pull-up

a. Clean up the movement for chin-over bar

b. Pull chest to bar

c. Increase load for C2B strict.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

12 min. AMRAP

12 Pendlay Row – 135/95

12 ring dips


Accessory work

4×6-12 False-grip Ring Row

4×8-12 Evil Wheel

8 min. skill practice: wall walk / HS walk / HS hold