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Warm-up (No Measure)

4 rounds

5 deadlift

3 hang power clean

3 front squat

3 push jerk

– build to a medium weight


Clean and Jerk (Heavy single)

Or 10 minutes to develop movement


Metcon (Time)

Clean & Jerk Speed Ladder!

Ladder = 5 barbells of increasing weight.

Weight increments should be 20# for guys and 10# for girls

Step 1: put yourself in a crew of 2-4 to help setup ladders

Step 2: Build a ladder that “fits” everybody in your crew at LOW weights.

Step 3: Run the ladder for time with each person.

Step 4: Add weight to the ladder so that it includes 2 heavier bars (remove 2 lightest barbells).

Repeat steps 2-4 until nobody can finish the ladder in under 4 min.
Enter your heaviest completed ladder time and include your weights used in the comments.

HAVE FUN!!! If you want to restart multiple times – go for it!

Please leave barbells setup in an organized fashion for other classes.