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Power Snatch (4 Rapid Waves – 2/2/1 – building across each wave)

Waves work like this:

Do a lighter double, change weight and do a heavier double, change weight and do a heavy single.

Each wave, the intent is to start heavier and end heavier. You also do them relatively rapidly, instead of getting full rest between sets. Rest as much as you’d like between waves.

Don’t be afraid to take a few shots at really heavy weights, but you shouldn’t quite be aiming for your 1RM

Overhead Squat (5 x 3; building heavy)

Try to build heavier than you did last week

If you should not be Overhead squatting, do behind the neck Push Jerks

Behind The Neck Jerk (5 x 3; building heavy)

Do this if you’re NOT OH Squatting OR do this because you really wanna…

Back Squat (5 x 5 @ 90% or your 5RM from Friday)

If you didn’t do 1×5 on Friday, just try to beat your last 5×5 by 5-10 pounds.

Do this OR the 1x 20, not both. Not even if you wanna…

Back Squat (1 x 20 – add 5-10# from last week)

If you failed last week, drop the weight by 30# or so and start the rebuild to a new 20 rep max. If you’re still going, keep going!

Metcon (No Measure)

Strength Work:

Box Front Squat – 4 x 4-6; heavier

Banded Back Squat – 4 x 10-15

Box Step Overs – 4 x 20; alternate legs each rep, use DB and a box that sets your knee around or past parallel

Metcon (No Measure)

Conditioning Work:

10 min AMRAP

30 Double Unders

20 Wall Ball

10 Power Snatch – 75/55

EMOM x 10

min 1: 10-15 Burpee Box Jump Overs

min 2: 10 Cal AAB Sprint