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Start moving at the very beginning of class and warm up as you go in 30 second intervals with a running clock (not a :30 interval clock) with transitions up to the individual.

Oly work is the big lead-in piece. Get heavy quickly and only worry about doing the full complex at a heavy weight. Cap at 15 minutes

You have specified intervals of time to finish WOD, so you can pace the first one and switch weights before the second starts, but you’re really sprinting by the end. People will want to go slow on the big weights and just miss the reps, but fight that and push them to stay on the barbell. This is 15 minutes of thrusters and pull ups – smaller sets but a tough push!

You need to stay on top of your time to get it all done today. Nobody gets to bail before the 3-minute round!!

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Warm-up (No Measure)

Skill Warm-Up x 15 min

30 sec stations

1) Box Jumps – sets of 3-10; building if you can, option to rebound

2) Double Unders

3) American KB Swings – 15-20 reps

4) Pwr Cln + Hang Pwr Cln + Sqt Cln + Hang SqtCln – cycle it light

Do work for 30 seconds, transition as needed; there is no :30 clock, just a running clock. Mobilization needs to have happened before this

Power Clean + Hang Power Clean (3 x 2(1+1); all heavy)

Power Clean + Hang Power Clean

Clean pull + hang shrug (4 x 2+4; all heavy)

Heavier than power clean; Drop clean pulls then deadlift into connected hang power shrugs. Use straps if you want.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Running Clock



Thruster – 135/95

Pull Up

7-12 min:


Thruster – 115/75

Pull Up

12-15 min:


Thruster – 95/65

Pull Up

Score = total reps completed

Each segment is 54 reps