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Snatch Prep:

2 rounds

Row 150m or 20 am KB Swings

10 air squats / PVC OH Squats

6 min.

Thorasic Extension

Hip Floss

Ankle Floss

4 min. OH Squat Position w/PVC or Tech Bar

Pass throughs

Pass throughs in squat

Snatch Balance

Zots Press

Snatch Skill x 6-8 min.

Power Snatch + OH Squat + Squat Snatch (empty barbell or light)

Snatch (10 min. to build to heavy single)

Back Squat (GVT; 10×10)

10×10 @ 60% + 10-15lbs

1 min. rest between sets

12-15 cal AB sprint with 1 min. rest for each incomplete set