Make time at the end of the workout for deadlift programming. Pick a major program and try to follow it for the next 8 weeks. Complete accessory strength if you have time and are feeling good. There is not a conditioning option for today. Just wait for tomorrow!

Power Clean (10 min to build to a heavy triple)
Starting with significant explosive movement priming, at the coach’s discretion, you’ll quickly build to a heavy triple. Reps should be followed within seconds of each other to emphasizes fast singles in a WOD. Don’t go too crazy. Significant attention needs to be paid to how you pick up the weight and spinal position
Bludgeon (AMRAP – Reps)
9 min AMRAP
+1 Power Clean
+1 Front Squat

Rx+ weight is 225/155
Rx weight is 185/125
Scaled Weight is 135/85 (or reasonable load)

This workout is all about what happens with a tough weight when all you get to look at is the barbell. Pace should be consistent, not a sprint. The workout is far too long to expect yourself to string sets together or go very fast. Stay under control, breath heavy but don’t blow yourself up. Never wait longer than a few seconds to start your next movement. Coaches should encourage you to stay "in the workout", don’t walk away from the bar, but sit down, don’t bend yourself over, don’t be sloppy.