Today, you’ll be rushed a bit into doing the skill work without a ton of warm-up, so the skill will have to double as movement prep. You’re always welcome to mobilize early. The WOD is a nasty piece of work and will take most of class, followed by your deadlift program and any accessory piece you’d like to do. On the GVT side of things, you’ll be doing Bench Press, but accessory strength will focus on legs anyway.

Midline March (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
"Midline March"
20 min AMRAP
8 KB Snatch – Right
25 ft Single Arm OH Walking Lunge – Right
8 Burpees Over DB
8 KB Snatch – Left
25 ft Single Arm OH Walking Lunge – Left
16 Toes to Bar

Sc – 20/15# DB
Rx – 35/20# KB
Rx+ – 55/35# KB

The goal of this workout is to grind out a consistent pace that allows you to focus on your breathing. A round every 2:30-3 min is doable based on the weight of the KB (which does NOT need to touch the ground). The toes to bar skill should be the long form for breathing and most folks will want to do (big long set + quick short set w/ short rest) or (mid set + mid set w/ slightly longer rest). The weight isn’t bad enough not to do snatches directly into lunges – or shouldn’t be 😉
Toes-To-Bar (8 min Skill work)
The goal of the skill work is to prep shoulder and core for the long form of the toes to bar and help people figure out breathing on the movement. There’s really no reason to review short form here.
Kettlebell Snatch (8 min skill work)
KB Snatch is a simple skill for proprioception and coordination. Only scaled athletes should use a dumbbell, since it basically eliminates the these elements from the movement. Figure it out or bang and bleed!
Deadlift (3@70% 3@80% AMRAP@90%)
Week 2 of Wendler 5/3/1: Deadlift day

Weights are about 5% heavier, but sets are down to 3 this week. Only record the reps at your heaviest weight

Deadlift (3 x 20 @ 52% )
Cal Poly Program – Day 1, week 2.

This weight should be slightly heavier than last Monday. Monday will always be the "heavy day", Wednesday will always be about 10% lighter and Friday will always be in the middle.

Bench Press (10 x 10 @ 60% +5-10#)
GVT program – Week 2

This is the week of 2 Bench Press days. Remember that you can always substitute strict press if you need to do so.