Based on the workout from Monday, warm-up and mobility will be the top priority for the first part of class. The workout may have to be completed in heats, but that’s not really a problem. Plenty of the day will be available for accessory cardio or accessory strength.

Pull-ups (8 min skill work)
The goal on the pull up is not to add skill, but to warm up the movement and make sure you’re hitting movement standard.
Crash Test Jackie (Time)
"Crash Test Jackie"
70/60 Cal Assault Bike
50 Thrusters @ 45/35
30 Pull Ups

Crash Test Jackie is a test of how well you understand how to manage yourself on an Assault Bike, in case it comes up in the Open. God bless you if you sprint on the Bike, but you’re going to be there all day if you don’t figure out how to push a good pace on it. The thruster weight is relatively negligible and is more a test of whether or not you’ll hold onto the bar or succumb to discomfort. The pull ups, however can be substituted for ring rows, although I promise that this is no favor.