The big thing today is to try to hit a Bar Muscle Up. Or lots of them. Some folks won’t need the skill time and can start the WOD early, so you don’t need to strictly adhere to the time frame for BMU instruction. There should be a lot of time for either skill acquisition before or accessory work after. Don’t worry, if you have a disappointing WOD that doesn’t feel like much work, just get to the accessory stuff and there will be plenty of work to do!

Bar Muscle-ups (10-15 min x skill work)
Time to get one. This portion of the day should be spent on skill acquisition.
Dasher (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
9 min AMRAP
+1 Bar Muscle Up
7 Burpee Box Jump Overs

Sc: 1 Bar MU = 1 TTB, 1 Pull Up
2 Bar MU = 2 TTB, 2 Pull Ups
Do all TTB, then all Pull ups

Pacing is going to be different for everybody here. Folks with a lot of BMU need to focus on rapid transitioning and not waiting around for the bar, while keeping their BBJO steady. Folks who struggle with BMU for one or two will want to hustle on the BBJO and take a break before making attempts at BMU. For them, it’ll be really stop-start.

Scaled folks have the hardest job. TTB and Pull ups could still be out the question for some folks; don’t sweat it, just scale more and do what you can. If those are hit or miss movements, I want you to stuggle and do them – chin over the bar and toes touching the bar. Pay close attention to movement standards!!