Double-Unders (10 min skill work; build to max sets)
Handstand Push-ups (Skill work x 10 min or Repeat Explosives)
Repeat Explosives
15 sec AMRAP EMOM x 10
Box Step-Ups
6 x 8-15 per leg
– start by building box height
– add DB weights as you go

Between Sets, do Bench Press sets from your selected strength program

Bench Press (10 x 10; heavier than before)
GVT; do this between each leg of step up sets
Bench Press (3@70%; 3@80%; AMRAP@90%)
Wendler 5/3/1: do this after both legs in sets of box step ups
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
15 min AMRAP
15 Hand Release Push Ups
12 Box Step Overs w/ DB
9 Deadlift @ 225/155

Either do this OR this Step Up/Bench Press combo