Remember, the design of this program is to allow you to focus on strength or conditioning. Hammer the stuff you really want to pursue. Skip the stuff you don’t.

Back Squat (1 x max reps @85%)
The result of this week is a bit complex. If you get 5 or fewer reps, you keep your 1RM for next week. If you get 6-7, increase your 1RM estimate number by 5#. If you get 8+ reps, bump that estimated 1RM number next week by 10#. This is to help you get some better training weights.

This is key: reps should NOT be pause reps, but rather continuous motion reps. It’s harder, belt up!!

Back Squat (5 sets x max reps-2; @ 85%)
Same as last week, you’re going to do the same weight for up to 5 sets, but 2 fewer reps than hit for your AMRAP. If you ever fail, stop there. Continuous motion reps.
Back Rack Lunge (3 x 10-12; heavier than last week)
Banded Hip Thruster (3 x 15-20)
Weighted Step-ups (3 x 10-12 per leg)
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
20 min AMRAP
12 Cal Assault Bike
50 ft Walking Lunge w/ weight
– use any weight and hold it how you like, but post in notes

Spend 5-10 minutes figuring out what kind of walking lunge will challenge you best. You need to be able to finish all 50ft when fresh and build around positions (OH or Front Rack, etc) that make the most sense to your goals.