Back Squat (Max Reps @75% of 1RM Back Squat)
– Given time restraints, feel free to get a jump on this as soon as you feel warmed up.
– Beginners are just going to practice light sets of 10 for back squat and work on mehanics
– Newer folks need only get a feel for a heavy 10-rep squat
Back Squat (5 x (max reps -2))
– After completing your max rep set, you’ll attempt to do 5 sets at the same weight for (max reps -2)
– sets should be constant motion without pause at the top
– if you fail any sets, stop there
– only rest 2 minutes between sets (use a clock)
– need to be done at about the 30 minute mark
– recommend that you leave weight on the barbell on the rack for your Front Rack hold later
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
EMOM x 18
min 1: 6-10 Burpees
min 2: 8-12 Box Jumps Over
min 3: 10-15 Wall Ball; option to go heavy WB

– The goal of each interval is to complete the reps as fast as you possibly can and get a decent rest interval. Each set should take about 30 seconds or less at the top end, but if you’re going slow and taking more than 30 seconds, use the bottom range of the reps.
– If there are any movements that hurt to do, sub in Assault Bike Cals (10/8), Rowing Cals (10/8), or Jump Squats (10-15)
Core (not optional)
A/B Switch x 8 min
A: 30-60 sec Front Rack Hold (heavy)
B: 30-60 sec Strict Toes to Bar/Leg Raise

– Weight on the Front Rack hold needs to be substantial; imagine that it’s the squat clean weight you’d like to hit in 4-6 months
– Strict TTB can sub any leg raise movement hanging so long as you can achieve a hollow body; if you can’t, do hollow rocks, pikes or dragonfly variations