500m Row
3 Rounds x Barbell Complex I (empty barbell)
6 Reps Each
Hang High Pull
Behind the Neck Squat and Press
Muscle Snatch
Overhead Squat
Good Morning
Bentover Row
40 (total) DB Snatch
Skill Work:
12 minutes x
3 Position Snatch (top down):
3 x High Hang Power Snatch
3 x Above the Knee Hang Power Snatch
3 x Below the Knee Hang Power Snatch
– keep weight light
– focus on speed and bar path
– try to catch each rep of the 3 lower than the one before… ie: (power -> catch at parallel -> squat) or (muscle ->power -> catch at parallel)

NEWER FOLKS: substitute PSN for PCL and add one jerk at the end of each position (for a total of 3)
ADVANCED FOLKS: Finish with 8 min to build to a heavy single Hang Snatch while coaches cover kipping pull ups with newer folks

Hang Snatch (8 min to build to a heavy single)
Optional Daily build for advanced folks only
Pull Up Skill:
DISCLAIMER: For skill portions only, bands are allowed for kipping pull up skill to assist in learning only. NEVER do band assisted kipping pull ups as part of a workout. Instead, do strict or jumping pull ups, ring rows or bentover rows.

8 min skill work on how to kip a pull up:
– Hollow body hang on the bar
– pendulum swing
– lever swing
– Kipping on the floor
– Kipping a ring row
– Kipping on a Bar
– Connecting
The key to the skill work is to do one movement a minute for about 8-15 seconds, advancing as you can to the more difficult movements. Be explosive and rest more than you work.

Optional skill work for newer folks unfamiliar with kipping movements
Metcon (8 Rounds for reps)
Pull Up Practice: Repeat explosives
Pick one, depending on skill:
EMOM x 8-10
A) 15 seconds max Ring Row w/ feet on Box, kipping
B) 10-15 seconds max Kipping Pull Up or Kipping C2B
C) 4 Strict Pull Up
3 Kipping Pull Up
2 Kipping C2B
1 Bar MU
For Quality
4 Rounds
8-15 DB Strict Press/HSPU
8-15 Bentover Row
4 Rounds
8-15 Ring Push Ups/Dips
8-15 Upright Row
4 Rounds
8-15 Strict Leg Raise/TTB
8-15 Ring Row
4 Rounds
8-15 Evil Wheel
8-15 Bicep Curl

– Very Advanced folks should be doing upper level movements/heavy weights, completing all reps and trying to do this relatively fast.
– Folks who are experienced should still be trying to do the harder version/weights for movements, but only worry about working WITHIN the rep range and take more time between sets
– Newer folks should be using light weights and doing lower end movements. Your focus should be on doing things that allow you to move constantly through the workout and keep a steady, elevated heart rate.