Take you time warming up and practicing your gymnastic skills. All we’re doing is the WOD, and it’s 25 minutes long, but that gives you lots of time to practice and warm up.
Metcon (Time)
4 person Team Workout
25 min AMRAP
A: Accumulate as many calories as possible on Assault bike
B: For Time, Chipper in this order
2 Girls – Grace (30 Power Clean and Jerk @95#, share the load
2 Guys – Isabelle (30 Power Snatch @ 135#, share the load
Guy 1/Girl 1 – Elizabeth (21-15-9 Squat Clean @ 135/95 Ring Dip; share the load)
Guy 2/Girl 2 – Diane (21-15-9 Deadlift @ 225/155 Handstand Push Up; share the load)
All 4 (2 at a time) – Synchro Annie (50-40-30-20-10 Synchro AbMat Sit up, both do all Double Unders)
All 4 (2 at a time) – Synchro Fran (21-15-9 Synchro Thruster @ 95/65 Synchro Pull Up)

– during the workout, non-working teammates should be accumulating calories on an assault bike
– each portion of the workout is completed in pairs, following the rules listed
– on the first 4 parts, the pair is set and cannot change
– on the last 2 parts, teams can change pairings as often as they like, but there should always be 2 people working