Barbell Complex I
6 Reps Each
Upright Row
Squat and Press
Muscle Snatch
Overhead Squat
Good morning
Bent-over Row

Full Tools for STRENGTH
Power Snatch (7-10 sets x 1-2 reps; building AHAP)
Overhead Squat (5 x 2; all heavy, same weight across)
Deadlift (Build to a heavy set of 5, as singles)
Pull-ups (10 min to accumulate AMRAP of 6-8 reps)
Rest as much as you need to in order to hit at least 6, always trying to hit 8.
Pull Ups are strict
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
Accessory WOD:
16 min x
6 Chin Ups
9 Evil Wheel
12 Bicep Curls
15 Box Jumps

Limited Tools for STRENGTH
Metcon (Weight)
DB Snatch Complex:
5 rounds per arm
4 DB Upright Row
4 DB Push Press
6 DB Hang Power Snatch
Metcon (Weight)
Pick 1:
DB Overhead Squat
5 x 8 per arm
DB Overhead Walking Lunge
4 x 50 ft Lunge per arm
Metcon (Weight)
Single-Leg Offset Deadlift
– Heavy on the forward side, light on the back side
4 x 8 per leg
Pull-ups (10 min to do AMRAP sets of 6-8 reps as possible)
Rest as much as you need in order to always hit at least 6 reps.
Strict Pull Ups
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
Accessory WOD:
16 min x
9/9 Reverse Grip DB Row
9 KB Pike Crunch
12/12 DB Bicep Curls
15 Tuck Jumps

Full Tools for ENDURANCE
Metcon (Time)
Bar Muscle Up or C2B
Power Snatch @ 115/75
Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
6 Rounds x
10-20 Pull Ups
Run/Row/Bike @ easy pace for 90 seconds
– aim is to get as close to 120 pull ups as you can in unbroken sets
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
12 min AMRAP
12 Snatch Grip Deadlift @ 185/125
9 Box Jumps
6 Front Squat @ 185/125

Limited Tools for ENDURANCE
Metcon (Time)
For Time:
54 Single Arm Devil Press
(2 per side until you hit 54)
– every 2 min, complete 40 double unders or 40 mountain climbers
Metcon (Time)
6 Rounds for Time
12/12 Renegade Rows (like a bentover row, but in plank position)
Run 400m
Metcon (Time)
5 Rounds for Time
7/7 Suitcase Squat (one DB head touches ground each rep)
6/6 DB Hang Power Clean and Jerk
5/5 DB Thruster

General Fitness
General Fitness
Stuff that everybody can do!

Shoulders and Core:
Tempo Crunch – one leg out/one leg in, hands under butt
Bird Dog – On all fours, opposite hand and foot extended away

3 Rounds:
5/5 Tempo Crunch 5500 (5 sec up, 5 sec hold, down and right back into the next one)
10 Alternating Bird Dog w/ 5 sec hold per movement
5/5 Side Plank with 5 sec hold on tuck

3 Rounds:
4 Inch Worm
8 Alternating Yoga Lunge (foot to hand)
4 Push Ups
10-Second Up Dog (or Cobra) hold

check out the videos we posted on the FB group page and complete 10-15 minutes of either "HS Hold Progression", "HS Push Up Progression" or "HS Push Up Accessory"

10 Rounds for Time
7 Push Ups
7 Air Squats
28 Running High Knees

Pick 1
*but wait, I don’t have a jump rope! No prob, just do little tuck jumps!*

Double Under Challenge 1:
Complete 500 Jump Rope Singles; every five reps, jump as high as you can

Double Under Challenge 2:
Complete 300 Double Unders

Double Under Challenge 3:
In Unbroken Sets only, complete
10-20-30-40-50-50-40-30-20-10 Double Unders

Double Under Challenge 4:
2 min on/1 min rest x 5
Max reps double unders