FULL TOOLS for Strength:
Repeat Explosive Cardio Intervals
Every 2 min x 15
40 sec Sprint
– pick your tool of choice from the following list:
Assault Bike
Outdoor Sprint (about 200m)
Wall Ball to 7′ Target

Jump Rope
45 sec on / 15 sec rest x 8
Double Unders or Single Under
– this is primarily to build ankle strength and stamina

Single Leg Box Jump
6 x 3

Depth Drop
6 x 5
– step off a box less than 20"
– when you land, jump up as high as possible

14 min x
20 Hollow Rocks
20 Good Morning (empty barbell)
30 sec HS Hold
30 Wall Sit

LIGHT TOOLS for Strength:
Repeat Explosive Cardio Intervals
Every 2 min x 15
40 sec Max Effort
– pick from the following exercises
Jump Squat
Wall Ball to 7′ target
Jumping Split Lunge
Max Height Tuck Jump

Single Leg Touchdown
6 x 8 per side
– keep your tempo slow

Max Height Jump
10 x 3
– rebound into all your jumps and try to reach as high as possible
– rest 30 seconds between sets

American KB Swings
5 x 20

14 min x
20 Hollow Rocks
30 sec HS Hold
30 sec Wall Sit

FULL TOOLS for Endurance:

5 Rounds for Time
1000m Row (70-80% intensity)
Rest 1 min

In fewest sets possible:
150 Wall Ball to 7′ target
– each drop, complete 7 burpees or 7 box jumps over

EMOM x 14
min 1: 5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Air Squats
min 2: 20 KB Swings

LIGHT TOOLS for Endurance:

So, you can still run outside for now!
EMOM x 32
min 1: Run 100m
min 2: 20 KB Swings
min 3: Run 100m
min 4: 10 Burpees

14 min AMRAP
Run 400m
8/8 KB or DB Thruster
16 KB or DB Sumo High Pull

General Fitness

Here’s something everybody can do!

4 Rounds
40 ft Spiderman Crawl
4 Inch Worms
20 ft Duck Walk
20 Dead Bug

– okay, for this one, you need to pick paces that feel like 50/70/90% for whatever you’re doing. You can take to the streets, hop on a bike or use your Rower or AAB.

20-40 min x
For 2 min, Do your thing at 50%
For 1 min, Go at 70%
For 30 sec, Go at 90%
…then for 30 seconds, do air squats at whatever pace you can muster
Aaaaaaaaand repeat.

The goal will be to build some stamina. If you make it to the 20 minute mark and you hate life, take a break. If you can get back into it, do it! Make it to the 40 minute mark one way or the other and you win the WOD today!

This is about you never giving up. I did this not too long ago and my body was killing me. I had to stop a bunch and it sucked. But I wanted to finish more than it was bothering me, so I kept going. I took breaks, I walked a lot, and I wanted to give up so many times. It actually took me 103 minutes to do it at the pace I wanted. But I did it, and I couldn’t have been more proud of myself.