Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
10 min x
Handstand Push Up Ladder
+2/+4 (rx+) Unbroken
Once you cannot complete a set, do a -2/-4 ladder back down to zero
Metcon (Weight)
Clean Complex:
Every 3 min x 4-6 Rounds
2 Hang Power Clean +
2 Hang Squat Clean w/ 2 sec pause at bottom +
2 Front Squat +
20 sec Front Rack Hold
– you’ll have 10 min to build to your working weight
– try to keep ALL sets +/- 10% of the weight you used last time
Furious (AMRAP – Reps)
EMOM x 10
20 sec AMRAP Ground to Overhead
40 sec AMRAP Bar-Facing Burpees

The goal of this workout is to become MetCon invincible. You want to improve in both the GtO and BFB cycling week by week, and become comfortable with whatever pace that ends up being.
– Record reps on your worst round only!
– Ground to Overhead Weight:
RX+: 135/95 Power Clean to Overhead
RX: 115/75 PC to OH or Power Snatch
Int: 95/65 PC and OH or PSN
Sc: 75/55 Power Snatch

Here’s some stuff to try, in each subsequent attempt:
– First time you do this, set a pace that you can keep all the way through the 10th round without dying. You are welcome to half-ass your first attempt.
– Try to add a rep or two to your total with your BFB next. This is much easier than the GtO.
– Add a rep or two to your GtO and let your BFB suffer
– Rebuild your BFB with increased GtO
– Keep pace and redline your last 2 rounds
– Keep pace and redline your last 3 rounds

Strength Accessory:
Banded Hip Thruster // Crab Walk
4 x 15-20 // 4 x 10-15 per side

Sumo Deadlift // Bulgarian Split Lunge
4 x 10-15 // 4 x 8-12