7 min x
3 Inch Worm
6/6 Light DB Snatch
9/9 Box Step Up (unweighted)
5 min Hip Mobility
(coach’s choice)
2 Rounds Barbell Complex I (for Power Snatch)
6 reps each
Upright Row
Behind the Neck Squat and Press
Muscle Snatch
Good Morning
Bentover Row
Handstand Push-ups (8 min x skill work and practice)
WOD rehearsal and build up:
A: Weight build on DB Box Step Ups and DB Hang Snatch
B: 5/5/5 HSPU (intentional break and shake out)
C: 2 Rounds
4 Box Step Ups
6 Alt DB Hang Snatch
D: Rest 3 min
E: Start Workout
Metcon (Time)
Part 1:
For Time:
30-20-10 (Cap = 12 min)
Box Step Overs w/ Single DB (50/35)
Handstand Push Ups
Alt DB Hang Snatch (50/35)
Part 2
6 min to build to a Heavy Hang Snatch

Set up a 18 minute clock counting up. Complete Part 1 for time, resting the remainder (if any) of the 12 minute cap after completing all reps. At the 12 minute mark, begin Part 2. The heaviest weight successfully lifted within that window is your score for Part 2.
Hang Snatch (6 min to build to a heavy single)
This single in intended to be "from scratch"