Back Squat (5×5; all heavy, building across sets as possible)
5 sets of 5 reps: we’re going to be using sets of 5 to build our back squat VOLUME, so consider the total tonnage to be the driving force behind this program.

Tonnage = total sum of (weight x reps)

By that reasoning, starting heavier and finishing at the same weight would be an overall increase in volume, as would doing all 5 sets at your middle weight. However, our goal is to finish our last set as heavy or heavier than last week’s last set each time. Therefore, that is the weight you will record daily.

Weekly increase in your heaviest load should only be a small difference – like 5 pounds – and there should always feel like there’s one more rep or another 5 pounds left in the tank. That way, you’re not overtraining. Volume should only ever increase by 50 pounds at the absolute MOST, which is an average of 10# per set.

– In the following portion, you can pick and choose any 3 items from Strength Accessory, Conditioning Accessory or Competitor Accessory
– Each item will have a 10 minute time cap with 3 minutes to transition, so this goes very quickly and on stays very structured.
– Order is important, so A’s all go at the same time, as do B’s and C’s
Strength Accessory
Walking Lunge
– 5 x 16-20 steps, DB at sides
– rest 1:1

Superset 1:
Barbell Hip Thruster
– 4 x 8-12; heavy weight
Box Step Up
– 4 x 10-15 per leg, DB on shoulders

Superset 2:
GHD Back Extension OR Reverse Hyperextension
– 4 x 8-15
Bulgarian Split Lunge
– 4 x 8-15 per leg, optional DB at sides

Conditioning Accessory
Assault Bike Intervals
1 min on / 30 sec off x 6

EMOM x 9
30 sec Max Wall Ball
5 Burpees

EMOM x 9
6-10 Box Jumps
25 Double Unders

Competitor Accessory:
EMOM x 9
5 Power Clean @ 135/95
5 Front Squats/7 Bar-Facing Burpees
– alternate between Fqt and BFB each round

5 Rounds for Time (cap 10 min)
8 Double KB Hang Power Clean (55/35)
16 Dbl KB Reverse Lunge, alt

5 min x single leg Box Jump
5 min x rebounding Box Jumps