Metcon (Calories)
30 min AMRAP
Teams 2-3
150/120 Cal Assault Bike, Share the Load
3 Rounds of Each
A/B/C Switch:
A: Max Reps Tire Flips until B/C finish
B: 100ft Kenny Crawl (70/55# KB)
C: 100m Medium Sled Push (5/4 Plates)
1-Round Relay until all teammates
have completed 2 Rounds:
30 Sledgehammer Hits on Tire
– AT THE SAME TIME, other two teammates are completing 200 Heavy Wall Ball, share the Load
– The third teammate can join in once all rounds of Hammer hits are completed
AMRAP CAL ROW with remaining time

This workout is a gift to the 530 and 630pm classes. Don’t say I never did anything for ya!

Accessory Strength, Conditioning and Competitor:
ROMWOD x 20 min