The big difference you’ll notice in today’s workout is that we’re all doing the same thing. There are no additional accessory options available during the deadlifting days.

Deadlift (5×5 @ 65%, slow tempo, 90 second rest)
The weight is a little bit lighter in these opening sets, as we’re going to develop a lot of tension through the body. Slow down your movement and stay under control. Each rep should take you 5-6 seconds with no pause at the top or bottom (each set = 25-30 seconds).
Metcon (Weight)
Banded Deadlift
8 x 2-3 @ 65%; fast tempo
– red or green band, depending on how hard the regular deadlift felt. Explode through these reps!
– Rest 60 seconds between sets
– mark Rx+ if you used Green Band
– record whatever weight you used
16 min x
200ft Farmer Carry (70/55)
6 Good Morning
8/8 Box Step Ups (50/35)
10/10 Reverse Lunges

– This workout is for quality, but get moving! You should FINISH 4-5 rounds
– Weight on Good Morning and Reverse Lunges is about the same, between 95-135 for guys and 65-95 for girls
– You should take barbells from the rack
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)
Every 2 min x 5
10/8 Cal Assault Bike Sprint
8 Burpee Box Jump Overs