Metcon (Distance)
Lateral Handstand Walk Challenge:

Complete before or after the WOD, coach’s choice!
Metcon (Time)
Teams of 3:
Part 1
10 minutes to build to a heavy 3-rep Bench Press

Part 2
For Time, Share the Load:
(Cap 24 min)
Bench Press @ 80% of 3RM
Strict Ring Pull Up

Part 3:
Once all Reps of Bench and Ring Pull Ups are completed…
AMRAP with time Remaining:
HSPU/Push Press (HEAVY)

Throughout the 24 minutes allotted for the WOD and AMRAP, complete as many Rowing Calories as possible!!

Bench Press (10 min to build to 3RM Bench Press)
Handstand Push-ups (AMRAP in time remaining)
Metcon (Calories)
– Total calories accumulated throughout the workout
EMOM x 10
10 Ring Rows
10 Bicep Curls