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Metcon (Calories)

Pick Row, Ski or Bike:

A) Warm-Up: Casual Pace x 3-5 min

– rest 1 min or so

B) Pace Establishing: Hold a challenging pace for 5 min

– You should be pretty beat by the end of this. Hold steady, fall off as you need, but don’t try to make anything up with a sprint at the end. Make note of average or final pace (bike)

– rest 3 min

C) Tempo Intervals:


60 sec @ Challenging Pace

60 sec @ 10-20% less than Challenging Pace

30 sec @ 10-20% ABOVE Challenging Pace

30 sec @ Challenging Pace

2 min @ 10-20% less than Challenging Pace

– get off the bike, row or ski and move around for a little bit to reset your body, not longer than 2 min

D) Switch!

Find a different apparatus to use:


20 sec Sprint/40 sec easy pace x 10

E) Cool Down:

Walk 8 min

Stretch 8 min