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Metcon (Time)

For Time:

A/B Switch:


Partner 1:


Cal Row




Partner 2:


Cal Assault Bike


Burpee Box Jump Over

– Each part has a 15 minute time cap

– Partner 1 completes A, while Partner 2 completes B.

– Once both parts are finished, they switch and Partner 1 completes B, while Partner 2 Completes A

– There is no additional transition time

– Scaling calories for females depends on if your coach likes you or not…

Penalty for going over the time cap on A or B:

– 30 Devil’s Press @ 50/35 under 5 min

– if you fail to complete all 30 under 5 min, you do another 25 in 5 min. Fail that and you do 20 in under 5 min. Fail that and you do 15 in under 5 min….
The intent of this workout is to stay in your aerobic threshold. Yes, you can push harder on the run/row, but if you look at what your partner is doing and they can’t push it without blowing up, just chill. Both parts are estimated to finish around the 12 min mark based on what folks did this week, so the workout should last approximately 24-26 minutes. I put in a 15 min time cap for folks who accidentally bury themselves. However, you will note that there’s a penalty for going over the time cap on either part, so you REALLY don’t want to hit that cap.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

“Death By…Heavy Wall Ball”

EMOM x failure

10 Heavy Wall Ball + 2 per round

– when you CANNOT complete all of the reps, you’re finished

– don’t quit!