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Metcon (No Measure)

Ring Stuff – Making rings your friend!

– Stability on Rings

– Pressing on Rings

– Pulling on Rings

– Swinging on Rings

– Transitions over Rings

– Muscle Up…. on Rings

10-15 min working on any aspect of Ring play. The key is to keep people doing things and not just standing around talking. Strength on rings is developed by working on them in difficult ways, not looking at them!

Metcon (Time)

Mark’s Friday Workout:

A: 12 min to build to a heavy Snatch Single from SCRATCH

B: w/ Partner

For Time:

Buy-In: 100 Double Unders each


share the load

Ring Muscle Ups

Squat Snatch @ 135/95

Cash-Out: 100 Double Unders Each

If you can’t do double unders, do 30 Cal Each on Ski Erg

If you can’t do Muscle Ups, do Burpee Pull Ups (any variation of pull up will do)

Metcon (No Measure)


4 Rounds x

10-15 Toes Through Rings

10-15 Ring Dips/Push Ups


3 Rounds x

15 Evil Wheel

15 Bentover Row