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Power Clean

Quickly build to a difficul 3-rep

Metcon (Time)

50 Power Cleans for Time

-Every 2 min, you can decrease the weight if you’re falling behind 10 reps per 2 min. pace

– Stay as heavy as you can

-Cap = 14 min.

-Target weight is top end of your 5-rep builds

STIMULUS: Good reps, control, more volume w/your heavier loads, 1 rep per 10 sec.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

LEG COMPLEX – 18min x

5 front squat

10 tempo back squat

100′ walking lunge w/DBs (optional)

Rest ~1 min.
-Take barbell from rack

-Target wt is ~50-60% 1RM Back Squat

-Tempo is a long 3-count down, no pause at top

STIMULUS: Don’t stop until each set is done.

Metcon (No Measure)

Interval Fun:

EMOM x 16

Odd Min: 10-15 Push Press @ 135/95

Even Min: 20-40 sec Assault Bike

Odd: Unbroken TnG

Even: SPRINTS! Burn up quads and bring the lactic acid for about 10 sec.