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Metcon (No Measure)

Squat Clean

a. Skill work -> from high hang, practice on receiving position

b. Practice sets of 3 w/medium weight for 8-10 minutes

Power Clean + Jerk (5 reps EMOM x 10)

1 rep every 10 sec.

Focus is on consistincy in technique

Medium load, build if you can hold near perfect technique

Metcon (Time)

Meat Grinder

4 rounds for time

5 front squats (explosive)

10 tempo back squats (3 sec. negative, use lockouts or pauses sparingly)

20/15 cal assault bike sprint

rest 2 min.
Use a weight that keeps your front squat under control

Metcon (No Measure)

Post WOD

Pick 1 or 2

a. Muscle up skill drills x 8-10 min.

b. Double under practice x 5-8 min.

c. Run 1 mile w/a vest

d. 10x Heavy sled push – 50′ increments, 30-60 sec.