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Snatch (Skill x 10min; build to a heavy single)

Spend time getting to know the barbell snatch movement through positional work. If possible develop the squat snatch. Then, your goal is to determine what feels “heavy”, not necessarily as heavy as possible – unless you’re feeling yourself. Don’t let this section take too much time!

Metcon (Time)

For Time:


Cal Row

Alt DB Hang Snatch – 50/35
Folks who are finished early with snatching can start this WOD at any time. Folks who want to snatch more or heavier will haven to wait until a rower opens up to start the workout

Deadlift (5×10-20 @ medium weight, building)

This is for deadlift conditioning purposes. Don’t go as heavy as possible. If anything, stretch the reps and see where the back fatigues at regular WODing weights. Rest as needed