CrossFit On Track – CrossFit

Pull-ups (4 x 3-6 reps, AHAP
+ 3 sets of 8-10 (Med difficulty) strict pull ups or ring rows
+ 3 sets 10 per side DB rack row, AHAP)


Bury the Lead (Time)

For time:

RPE – 8


30 C2B/Pull Ups


5 Rounds

6 Devil’s Press

12 DB Box Step Ups (full extension, not step overs)

9 C2B/Pull Up or 6 Ring Muscle Up (RX+)

Weight on DB needs to be relative to your box step up difficulty, not your Devil’s Press – it’s okay to get buried on Devil’s Press, but don’t overdo the box step up. Box Step Up height has a relative value such that shorter athletes SHOULD scale box height down so that they can handle heavier weights.

Target for

RX: 50s/35s

RX+: 70s/55s – use KBs for step ups AND Devil’s Press!!

The buy-in is intended to be fewest possible sets at high skill. If you’re practicing C2B, do it here. If you’re still learning C2B, do pull-ups. Jumping Pull Up (rings) for scaled athletes. This CAN bury you, but go as deep as you can into this set – it sets off the future Pull ups. These are smaller sets (9) and we want them fatigued on the first round to see how technique comes through. Muscle Ups are just fun. Just so much fun. Ring Only – gotta earn a stripe!

You can RX+ the weights and RX the C2B, but just mark it as RX and know that you’re doing the right stuff to push yourself.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

12 min x

200ft farmer carry

15/12 cal ski erg