“Better” is my favorite word.

“I don’t necessarily care if it means faster, stronger, skinnier, healthier – I just love it when people have a vision for who they want to be that’s more than what they feel like they are today. And the thing that gets me excited is the test in character we get to see as people struggle toward that vision. They forego the easy, slow decay and start believing in their ability to overcome and persevere. That’s my passion.”

-Brian Stites

We Live To Help Train You

CrossFit On Track exists to help you become the best version of you. We challenge you physically and mentally every day. Whether you’re a former collegiate athlete turned couch potato, a desk jockey just trying to keep up with the mortgage and kids, or somewhere in between, we know that CrossFit will make you better at everything you do outside the gym. We also know that everybody needs a qualified coach to make sure they are exercising safely and getting the most out of their workout.

We are a team of caring, qualified coaches devoted to getting people on track with their lifestyle, fitness and overall health. We’re a supportive community of individuals from all walks of life who come together to support one another in a common goal. We’re passionate about helping our members reach their goals and have a proven process for doing so. Whether you want to reshape your physique, improve athletic performance or just get fit and healthy, we’ll get you there and make sure you have fun along the way!







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  • Functional Movements

  • High Intensity

  • Qualified, Passionate Coaches

  • You?

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